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I have made so many pivots in my life that drawing it out on a map looks like a mountain range. Every time I lost my way, there was someone there to help me chart a new course. I find the term “coursecharter” as the best way to describe my ambition to give back to others what was so freely given to me. A place to find guidance when you know things can be better but are just not sure what path to take.
The memories that I revisit the most are when I can share some experience I have had and the solution that I found with someone in the same position. Most frequently, these discussions were about how to make major life decisions. Having made a few crazy decisions so far in my life, like dropping out of college, quitting my job and moving to Hong Kong, becoming sober, getting engaged, starting a blog, to name a few, I find that many people need some advice on how to chart the course forward. When I can share my experience, it creates a lasting memory.
Beyond that, I enjoy leveraging technology to make our lives better. Over the last decade, I have worked in small and large organizations managing change of all kinds. I also started a path of personal performance optimization around the same time. I have traveled the world meeting people from dozens of countries and learning new things about effective communication, cross-cultural team building, successful product development, and data-driven strategy design.
My vision for life is clear to me. I am charting a course towards my dream life, where I have my own consulting and coaching business and my family and I live on “Coursecharter Farm”. It is a long journey ahead, but hopefully, by being open about my journey, you can benefit from it in your personal or professional life!


Copenhagen, Denmark

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