Watching Movies for the Thousandth Time

Updated: Jan 24

This weekend culminates in Shannon and I being couch ridden with some sort of cold/flu infection. Of course we made sure it wasn’t COVID, even though we are both vaccinated. Regardless, when these weekends occur, it typically means that we resolve ourselves to the couch to rest.

I find it hard to sit idle for so long so I typically resort to opening the laptop and trying to get some work done. Today it was a re-vamp of this website, hope you like it!

Anyway, when you want to be entertained and get work done at the same time, you will likely be looking for some familiar entertainment that does not take up too much brain power. For us this is Lord of the Rings. We have watched it so many times I would almost put it in a different category of entertainment.

Active Entertainment

Stimulation of the senses that requires you to make new brain connections to understand the content. This could be the act of watching a new movie, where walking away for a few minutes might put you at a complete loss as to what the plot is.

Passive Entertainment

The media has established connections in your brain. You can put active focus on another task and your subconscious will trigger you when it thinks you should start paying attention. For example, my brain will trigger me to look up when I know Bilbo is about to tell Gandalf that he “feels thin, like butter scraped over too much bread” (one of our favorites).

When playing around with colors and basic format, I can enjoy LOTR while also being productive. While our overall productivity might be down, its a great way to feel accomplished even when you are feeling ill and want to just lay around on the couch!


Hours of LOTR